Carpet & Upholstery

Carpeting becomes soiled from stains and foot traffic, and upholstery looks dull and tired from regular use. What can be done? You will be amazed at what can be accomplished when you hire an industry professional who understands how to properly care for your furnishings. Effective carpet and upholstery cleaning is achieved with a skill set that requires hands-on knowledge acquired through years of experience, a wealth of industry resources, as well as great tools and products.

Statewide Cleaning can handle all types of carpeting, upholstery, drapery and the more difficult materials on the market today. We stock professional spot removing agents and color modifying products for the many difficult stains and spotting issues we are called upon to remedy. Statewide Cleaning performs professional cleaning services on all sorts of things that fall into the carpet and upholstery category. We are fully capable of handling all of the materials that most other cleaners shy away from. You may have wondered if these items can be professionally cleaned and the answer is “Yes”! Here’s a few:

- All types of drapery cleaning
- Vertical blinds
- Pleated shades
- Lampshades
- Mattress cleaning & sanitizing
- Fabric wallpaper
- Dry-Clean-Only materials
- Fabric office partitions
- Upholstery in limousines and luxury autos
- Upholstry on boats and planes
- Decorative fabrics and pillows
- High end bedroom fabrics
- Custom upholstered headboards
- and MUCH MORE!

We are not limited by our equipment or tools to any one particular method of cleaning. Because we carry everything with us, we employ multiple methods as needed to achieve the best result possible. Better equipment means better service and flexibility!


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